Due to the COVID-19 to keep our employees and customers safe, we have issued the following processes.
We can not accept any returns. If your items are damaged or broken we will still take care of it. Submit a ticket or call customer service.
Our Customer Service team is working from home and will only be answering phones from 10AM to 2PM Eastern Standard Time.
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Country Naturals Compensation Plan`
Level 1 (Your Store URL)- 25%
Level 2 (Your Child)- 4%
Level 3 (Your Grand Child) - 4%
Level 4 (Your Great Grand Child)- 2%

Example of how you get paid. (The percents is based on Sub-Total.  Shipping and taxes will not pay commissions).  
The example below let's do $100 in sub-total

If a customer buys from your store URL you will receive 25% of the sale -- You will receive $25 (If you log in as a consultant and buy from your own store you will only receive the discount of the 25% instead of the 25% commission)
Your parent will receive 4%. -- $4
Your Grand Parent will receive 4% -- $4
Your Great Grand Parent will receive 2% -- $2

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