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Country Naturals Compensation Plan`
Level 1 (Your Store URL)- 25%
Level 2 (Your Child)- 4%
Level 3 (Your Grand Child) - 4%
Level 4 (Your Great Grand Child)- 2%

Example of how you get paid. (The percents is based on Sub-Total.  Shipping and taxes will not pay commissions).  
The example below let's do $100 in sub-total

If a customer buys from your store URL you will receive 25% of the sale -- You will receive $25 (If you log in as a consultant and buy from your own store you will only receive the discount of the 25% instead of the 25% commission)
Your parent will receive 4%. -- $4
Your Grand Parent will receive 4% -- $4
Your Great Grand Parent will receive 2% -- $2

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